About @KadeDworkin

@KadeDworkin The host of Meet My Followers, Kade Dworkin, is an entrepreneur at heart and loves bringing communities of people together.  Looking for a reason to get back in the podcast production, promotion and host seat he decided to start the show to have more people get to know the folks he’s been fortunate enough to meet online in the last 5 years.

Kade was the co-creator and has been the host of Student Branding TV (episodes 1-16) and helped produce an iTunes featured podcast for an employer in 2010.  Never fearing to share his opinion or experience he has been interviewed by the Harvard Business Review and CNBC and has been a regular guest lecturer at Arizona State University and University of Nevada at Reno regarding personal branding, networking and entrepreneurship.

He currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but aspires to become a full-time digital nomad in order to increase the number of people in his network and open up even more opportunities to create meaningful personal and business connections.

Feel free to follow Kade on twitter, read his personal blog or email him directly at [email protected].