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Episode #52 – @SteveErrey

Length: 22:20
Download Episode #52 – @SteveErrey

Steve Errey (@SteveErrey) is someone who focuses on helping individuals reignite their passions and gain the confidence necessary to act on them. I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Steve a couple of years ago and found that he really knows a lot about psychology, motivation and achieving the steps necessary to live the life you want to live. He’s a great guy and be sure to check out his amazing blog over at Enjoy this episode!


Episode #30 – @suzannahscully


Length: 25:48
Download Episode #30 – @suzannahscully

Suzannah Scully (@suzannahscully) is a life and profession coach who helps people who are talented but unhappy redirect their lives so they can make the changes in their job reflect their entire personality.  Suzannah’s one of those folks who I simply clicked with and after a couple of tweets and emails between the two of us I now consider us to be friends and I’m looking forward to meeting up with her sometime soon.  Come listen to this episode and get to know her.  Enjoy!
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