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Episode #56 – @LocalLily

Length: 17:40
Download Episode #56 – @LocalLily

Brandi Walsh and Beth Hickey (@LocalLily) are just two of the great folks I got to meet after speaking at Ignite Phoenix #9. They’re doing something really interesting on their lifestyle blog that helps point out locally owned and fantastic businesses. I’ve enjoyed each of our conversations and would love you to meet Brandi and Beth! Go visit their website at


Episode #44 – @krysvs


Length: 19:09
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Krystopher James VanSlyke (@krysvs) is an interesting member of the Phoenix internet community.  A seasoned musician who loves tech, he’s been known to break out playing the piano in his office to help create the right kinds of energy in the office.  He’s also not afraid to jump up on stage and beatbox his way to a win of slideshow karaoke at an Ignite Phoenix.  Krys is also a loving dad to his two daughters and an all around great guy.  Come hang out for a bit and meet Krys.

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Episode #40 – @jlknapp


Length: 22:00
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Jana Knapp (@jlknapp) is actively involved in the Phoenix internet community as both a part of the team that is brining Vyllij to market and the events community.  Jana’s a great person to know and is incredibly talented in how she helps non-profits get the resources they need so they can be successful.  I am honored to consider her a friend and hope that you’ll enjoy meeting her through this interview.

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Episode #35 – @jmoriarty


Length: 24:44
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Jeff Moriarty (@jmoriarty) is one of those guys who just appears to be involved in every major event that I attend here in the Phoenix Internet Community.  Away from being a great guy I would say that he’s leveraging his skill set of bringing people together for large events perfectly.  Be sure to check out just a few of the upcoming events that he’s a part of: Ignite Phoenix 8, Social Media Club Phoenix, PodcampAZ and others which I’m sure I’m forgetting.

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Episode #26 – @michaeljbarber


Length: 18:48
Download Episode #26 – @michaeljbarber

Michael Barber (@michaeljbarber) is one of those people in the Phoenix internet community who I wish I could get to see a little more regularly than I do.  He’s incredibly smart and very experienced in the digital marketing space but don’t think that his life stops when he walks away from a keyboard.  He consistently taking part in events, going to restaurants or even helping rescue a Westie or two.  Michael’s a great guy and I hope you enjoy this episode as a quick introduction to him.

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Episode #6 – @rbcarter

@rbcarter Today’s guest is Ruth Carter, @rbcarter.  Ruth is a blogger, law student and a great person as well.  She plays a very critical role here in the Phoenix internet community in that she helps keep as many of us out of jail for the many pranks, flashmobs and activities that we create.  I found this interview very interesting to get some perspective on the legal side of a lot of social media.
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