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Episode #44 – @krysvs


Length: 19:09
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Krystopher James VanSlyke (@krysvs) is an interesting member of the Phoenix internet community.  A seasoned musician who loves tech, he’s been known to break out playing the piano in his office to help create the right kinds of energy in the office.  He’s also not afraid to jump up on stage and beatbox his way to a win of slideshow karaoke at an Ignite Phoenix.  Krys is also a loving dad to his two daughters and an all around great guy.  Come hang out for a bit and meet Krys.

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Episode #11 – @kressaty

@kressaty Jonathan Kressaty (@kressaty) is an entrepreneur who I look up to immensely.  Professionally he’s best described at this point as a serial entrepreneur but I prefer to think of him as just an all around awesome guy who works hard to make businesses simply happen.  In this interview we talk about entrepreneurship and how he never thought he would be the guy owning and operating multiple businesses and some of the key features to his latest venture Betwext Pro.  He even informs me of one of his hobbies that I never heard him speak about before.
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Episode #10 – @hepnova

Today on the show I am joined by Nicholas DiBiase AKA @hepnova.  We get the opportunity to talk economics, art, music, and creativity.  Nicholas is a very intelligent and very creative guy and I really enjoyed this interview.  I hope that you get as much out of it as I did.
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