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Episode #48 – @sogeshirts


Length: 16:45
Download Episode #48 – @sogeshirts

Today I am joined by Tim Fox (@sogeshirts).  He’s best known for the company that he co-founded in San Diego where he and his co-founder create funny and creative t-shirts.  Tim’s also a member of the hosting team over at Tees In A Pod and I’m happy to announce I will be on one of their upcoming episodes.  Tim’s a guy who’ll catch you off guard with his entrepreneurial ways given that super laid back style of the way he speaks.


Episode #3 – @chadarizona

Today’s interview is with a guy who I always find funny: Chad Swaney, @chadarizona.  I had a blast in this interview and hope you see why I enjoy every opportunity that I get to hang out with Chad.  He’s a great guy and always willing to crack the perfect joke to get you to laugh at yourself.  In his own words he seeks out the truth in situations and typically finds comedy to be one of the more effective tools in being able to get there.
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