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Episode #60 – @MichelleMFox

Length: 17:02
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Michelle Fox (@MichelleMFox) is another MBA student at UN Reno. After my talk to her class, Michelle expressed interest in learning about the podcasting process. I thought that the easiest way for her to learn was to be a guest. I got to learn more about Michelle and her interest in work-life balance through our conversation and I think she has some interesting thoughts on the subject. I hope you enjoy this interview.


Episode #58 – @greghartle

Length: 27:31
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Today’s guest is Greg Hartle (@greghartle). Greg first came to my recent attention by tweeting at me that he was enjoying this show and looked forward to it coming back from the break. After doing some quick research on him, I was blown away by his story and the launch of his new project Ten Dollars and a Laptop. After quickly speaking with him privately I knew that he was a perfect person to have on the show and things just happened to work out that he was the first episode back from the break. I hope you enjoy l meeting Greg and will help him as he continues on his journey to all 50 states.
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Episode #57 – @Yobongo & @CalebElston

Length: 33:20
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Caleb Elston (@CalebElston) is the co-founder and CEO of Yobongo (@yobongo) a mobile real time chat application that takes advantage of your location in the room creation. Caleb has a ton of industry experience already and I sincerely enjoyed speaking with him and learning about his company. I also want to thank Caleb publicly for letting me in to Yobongo’s private beta. I think Caleb is a top notch entrepreneur to watch over the next 5 years so take advantage of this opportunity to meet him now. Enjoy!


Episode #56 – @LocalLily

Length: 17:40
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Brandi Walsh and Beth Hickey (@LocalLily) are just two of the great folks I got to meet after speaking at Ignite Phoenix #9. They’re doing something really interesting on their lifestyle blog that helps point out locally owned and fantastic businesses. I’ve enjoyed each of our conversations and would love you to meet Brandi and Beth! Go visit their website at


Episode #55 – @CameronHerold

Length: 19:43
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Today’s guest is Cameron Herold (@Cameron Herold). He’s the author of the new book Double Double where he teaches the techniques and tools he’s developed that help companies of all sizes to double their revenues in three years. Having received an advanced copy of the book I can state firmly that the book is top notch and something I will be referencing in the future. Cameron’s a great guy and if you’re looking to grow the business you operate in I would strongly recommend following him. Enjoy the episode!


Episode #52 – @SteveErrey

Length: 22:20
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Steve Errey (@SteveErrey) is someone who focuses on helping individuals reignite their passions and gain the confidence necessary to act on them. I had the pleasure of getting in touch with Steve a couple of years ago and found that he really knows a lot about psychology, motivation and achieving the steps necessary to live the life you want to live. He’s a great guy and be sure to check out his amazing blog over at Enjoy this episode!


Episode #50 – @TheRiseToTheTop


Length: 29:00
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My guest on this special episode of Meet My Followers is David Siteman Garland (@TheRiseToTheTop).  He’s a TV show host for his local ABC affiliate, podcaster, blogger and (with his new book Smarter, Faster, Cheaper [affiliate link] hitting the book stores today) author.  David’s a very smart entrepreneur who’s bringing his knowledge and expertise about how small businesses can succeed.  I hope you enjoy this interview.

Stay tuned to the very end of this episode as I’ll begin to lay out what will be happening in 2011 with the show.


Episode #29 – @davidalston


Length: 22:25
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David Alston (@davidalston) is the VP of Marketing and Community at Radian6.  But his job is not the reason why I always appreciate it when we get the chance to catch up.  David’s a smart guy who understands a lot when it comes business in general but specifically in the areas of marketing, customer relations and development and content creation he’s an expert’s expert.  He’s definitely someone I look up to and I hope you enjoy meeting him through this episode.

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Episode #28 – @dh


Length: 22:27
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David Hauser (@dh) is a serial entrepreneur.  His latest company that he has cofounded is the Grasshopper Group.  The Grasshopper Group produced a video encouraging entrepreneurialism that I promoted time and again and David took note and engaged with me directly.  As you’ll hear in this interview the Grasshopper Group and David’s core mission is to enable entrepreneurs to be successful. This is something that I am extremely passionate about as well and I am happy to introduce you to David.

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Episode #25 – @tyler_ford


Length: 19:15
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Tyler Ford (@tyler_ford) is one of the many people who was affected when the housing crash happened in 2007 and really took hold in 2008.  Instead of feeling like a victim in that situation he and his wife, Mimi, decided to look at it as the opportunity for them to significantly change their lives.  They decided to go in business for themselves but leveraged network marketing to help hedge some of their risk.  In a few year’s time they’ve grown a great business for themselves that allows them to pursue their other passions in their lives.  Tyler’s a great guy and someone who I look up to given all his work ethic and overall ability to make things happen. Read the rest of this entry »