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Episode #53 – @skinnyjeans

Length: 21:37
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I was incredibly fortunate to meet Stephanie Quilao (@skinnyjeans) at PodCamp AZ 2009.  She’s an amazing woman who left her corporate life behind to start blogging in 2005 and in the process found the one thing that she “simply can’t shut up about.” I personally love her passion for food, hydration and generally taking care of ourselves and I know you will enjoy meeting her as well.


Episode #44 – @krysvs


Length: 19:09
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Krystopher James VanSlyke (@krysvs) is an interesting member of the Phoenix internet community.  A seasoned musician who loves tech, he’s been known to break out playing the piano in his office to help create the right kinds of energy in the office.  He’s also not afraid to jump up on stage and beatbox his way to a win of slideshow karaoke at an Ignite Phoenix.  Krys is also a loving dad to his two daughters and an all around great guy.  Come hang out for a bit and meet Krys.

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Episode #42 – @deandresays


Length: 20:51
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DeAndre Upshaw (@deandresays) is one of those people I feel really fortunate to have met in the last month.  The guy is super smart and knows how to leverage social media platforms to draw not only attention but actually build communities that benefit a business.  Taking bits of his undergraduate degree, his experience in improv and his dynamic personality he’s been able to win job after job in the social media space.  I’m definitely looking at what he’s doing to up my game and I hope you will too.  Enjoy!

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Episode #30 – @suzannahscully


Length: 25:48
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Suzannah Scully (@suzannahscully) is a life and profession coach who helps people who are talented but unhappy redirect their lives so they can make the changes in their job reflect their entire personality.  Suzannah’s one of those folks who I simply clicked with and after a couple of tweets and emails between the two of us I now consider us to be friends and I’m looking forward to meeting up with her sometime soon.  Come listen to this episode and get to know her.  Enjoy!
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Episode #28 – @dh


Length: 22:27
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David Hauser (@dh) is a serial entrepreneur.  His latest company that he has cofounded is the Grasshopper Group.  The Grasshopper Group produced a video encouraging entrepreneurialism that I promoted time and again and David took note and engaged with me directly.  As you’ll hear in this interview the Grasshopper Group and David’s core mission is to enable entrepreneurs to be successful. This is something that I am extremely passionate about as well and I am happy to introduce you to David.

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Episode #26 – @michaeljbarber


Length: 18:48
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Michael Barber (@michaeljbarber) is one of those people in the Phoenix internet community who I wish I could get to see a little more regularly than I do.  He’s incredibly smart and very experienced in the digital marketing space but don’t think that his life stops when he walks away from a keyboard.  He consistently taking part in events, going to restaurants or even helping rescue a Westie or two.  Michael’s a great guy and I hope you enjoy this episode as a quick introduction to him.

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Episode #23 – @iwearyourshirt


Length: 28:42
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Jason Sadler, @iwearyourshirt, is one of those entrepreneurs who had a simple but brilliant idea and executed on it successfully.  The simple version of his business is that he wears t-shirts for a different company each day and then creates a lot of different social media content around the brand.  Whether a YouTube video, a tweet, a flickr photo or a live stream session on uStream Jason talks up the brands that buy a day with a community of people that he cares about and they care about him as well.
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Episode #20 – @wklywinejournal

@wklywinejournalTim Hilcove can regularly be found at @wklywinejournal or his blog,, where he’ll posting his personal wine experience. Whether that’s opening a great bottle or getting an awesome interview with the winemaker Tim is passionate about wine and, I believe, has found the perfect medium for his personal communication style. Tim’s a very genuine guy and I hope you enjoy listening to this episode and getting to meet him.

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Episode #10 – @hepnova

Today on the show I am joined by Nicholas DiBiase AKA @hepnova.  We get the opportunity to talk economics, art, music, and creativity.  Nicholas is a very intelligent and very creative guy and I really enjoyed this interview.  I hope that you get as much out of it as I did.
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