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Episode #56 – @LocalLily

Length: 17:40
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Brandi Walsh and Beth Hickey (@LocalLily) are just two of the great folks I got to meet after speaking at Ignite Phoenix #9. They’re doing something really interesting on their lifestyle blog that helps point out locally owned and fantastic businesses. I’ve enjoyed each of our conversations and would love you to meet Brandi and Beth! Go visit their website at


Episode #36 – @toekneestuck


Length: 21:55
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Tony Stuck (@toekneestuck) is a smart guy who made a choice last year to dedicate the summer after his graduation to building his personal brand.  Eventually that lead to him getting a job offer at a digital agency that is now taking advantage of his many different talents.  Tony’s a young guy with big potential and I couldn’t be happier that we’re friends.  I’m stoked to have him on the show and I hope you enjoy meeting him.
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Episode #34 – @jimmyrey


Length: 15:29
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Jim Reynolds (@jimmyrey) spends his days working hard for Alterian and his nights with his family, music and data analysis.  Jim’s one of the folks I met early on in my full out social media management positions so it was great to finally catch up with him while recording today’s episode.  Please come meet and hang out with @jimmyrey for a bit.

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Episode #24 – @laurelkaufman


Length: 13:53
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Laurel Kaufman (@LaurelKaufman) is one of the great people who this show has so graciously drawn into my life.  Laurel is an amazingly intelligent person who has her hands on so many great projects.  The passion and execution she brings to her own company, the Los Angeles Consulting Group, or groups like Girls in Tech LA makes them significantly better.  I’m extremely honored to consider Laurel a new friend and I expect she will continue to have major successes in her life. Read the rest of this entry »


Episode #22 – @writeonglass


Length: 19:51
Download Episode #22 – @writeonglass

Glass is one of those pieces of technology that I simply understood the potential usefulness of since the day it was presented to me.  On this episode I get a chance to talk with Glass’ community manager Jennifer Beese, as well as two of the three co-founders, Diego Prats and Oscar Guido.  As I regularly find to be the case, people with great technology tend to be great people as well.  All three of these folks fall in to that category.  Make sure you listen to the entire episode to get a beta invite code so you can access Glass today. Read the rest of this entry »


Episode #21 – @tokbox

@tokboxMicky O’Brien is one of the few people who I actively am amped up to speak with every time we talk. She extremely smart and her quick wit and awesome laugh are only topped by her business acumen. She’s currently the VP of Marketing and Business Development over at TokBox which is a company that is focusing on in-browser video conferences with anywhere from 2 to 200 people. It’s a great platform and one I’ve used at length to connect to folks all over the world. I’m excited to see where things are going for TokBox and even more excited because Micky’s involved. In this episode we dig a little into her past and how she decided to join a small San Francisco startup.
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Episode #12 – @BabbaCo

@BabbaCo Jessica Kim (@BabbaCo) is one of those great people who if I never would have known as well as I do if I didn’t firmly believe in following up with almost everyone I meet. A chance encounter in New York City where we met in the hallway of an office building was all it took to start up one of the relationships that we’ve both really grown from. Jessica is the founder and CEO of BabbaCo a company dead set on making “Simple, fun and super cute” baby items, clothes and accessories. It’s been a joy to learn from her since we met last in June 2009 and I hope you take this opportunity to reach out to her.
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Episode #11 – @kressaty

@kressaty Jonathan Kressaty (@kressaty) is an entrepreneur who I look up to immensely.  Professionally he’s best described at this point as a serial entrepreneur but I prefer to think of him as just an all around awesome guy who works hard to make businesses simply happen.  In this interview we talk about entrepreneurship and how he never thought he would be the guy owning and operating multiple businesses and some of the key features to his latest venture Betwext Pro.  He even informs me of one of his hobbies that I never heard him speak about before.
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