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Episode #31 – @KJ_CelebArtist


Length: 25:43
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Kevin-John Jobczynski (@KJ_CelebArtist) is a very talented artist who has found a way to make that talent pay his bills.  He found his way into a brilliant niche: hand-drawn artwork specifically for the players and their charities.  His work has been featured on a number of television programs and he’s worked with many different players and sports clubs.  Away from being talented, Kevin-John is simply a great guy.  I’m happy to introduce you to him. Enjoy!

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Episode #10 – @hepnova

Today on the show I am joined by Nicholas DiBiase AKA @hepnova.  We get the opportunity to talk economics, art, music, and creativity.  Nicholas is a very intelligent and very creative guy and I really enjoyed this interview.  I hope that you get as much out of it as I did.
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