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Episode #59 – @EricChaump

Length: 15:03
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Eric Chaump (@EricChaump) is an MBA student at UN Reno.  He’s currently enrolled in Dr. Bret Simmons personal branding course and is moving quickly to help people get Professionally Diversified.  He came upon this set of ideas when watching his own family members end up getting squeezed out of their job due to the recession.  By using several different risk arbitrage strategies Eric is teaching his blog readers how to not be dependent upon a single source of income. Definitely go check out his blog at I really think he has the chops to do help people and become a recognized blogger. Enjoy!


Episode #38 – @kreganb


Length: 21:44
Download Episode #38 – @kreganb

Katie Brooks (@kreganb) came on my radar when she submitted her application for IWearYourShirt.  After doing a little more research on her though there’s much more that she brings to the table.  A graduate student at Florida State University in media studies, an amateur foodie and a passion for sewing are just the tip of the iceberg that we got to covering in this episode.  I hope you enjoy meeting Katie.
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Episode #4 – @Bobraibourne

@bobraibourne This morning’s guest is Bob Raibourne (@Bobraibourne).  His energy and drive are two things I really admire about Bob and I know that his new business venture will definitely be successful so long as he continues to challenge himself.  He’s a great guy and I hope you enjoy getting to meet him through the show.
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