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Episode #43 – @butterandme


Length: 19:04
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Kelly Garcia (@butterandme) started her business of baked goods not because she had a great business plan but rather that she had too many folks asking her to make cupcakes for their get togethers.   Kelly and I talk about how she started her business and the charity event that she’s hosting next week, Cupcake Love In.  I love Kelly’s story because it’s not the entreprenuer-by-choice path that is fairly rare in the entrepreneurial community.

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Episode #26 – @michaeljbarber


Length: 18:48
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Michael Barber (@michaeljbarber) is one of those people in the Phoenix internet community who I wish I could get to see a little more regularly than I do.  He’s incredibly smart and very experienced in the digital marketing space but don’t think that his life stops when he walks away from a keyboard.  He consistently taking part in events, going to restaurants or even helping rescue a Westie or two.  Michael’s a great guy and I hope you enjoy this episode as a quick introduction to him.

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Episode #4 – @Bobraibourne

@bobraibourne This morning’s guest is Bob Raibourne (@Bobraibourne).  His energy and drive are two things I really admire about Bob and I know that his new business venture will definitely be successful so long as he continues to challenge himself.  He’s a great guy and I hope you enjoy getting to meet him through the show.
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