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Episode #57 – @Yobongo & @CalebElston

Length: 33:20
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Caleb Elston (@CalebElston) is the co-founder and CEO of Yobongo (@yobongo) a mobile real time chat application that takes advantage of your location in the room creation. Caleb has a ton of industry experience already and I sincerely enjoyed speaking with him and learning about his company. I also want to thank Caleb publicly for letting me in to Yobongo’s private beta. I think Caleb is a top notch entrepreneur to watch over the next 5 years so take advantage of this opportunity to meet him now. Enjoy!


Episode #37 – @davekerpen


Length: 19:21
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Dave Kerpen (@davekerpen) is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable, an agency that works with companies that works with larger brands to help make them likeable by the common consumer.  Dave’s a veteran marketer and given the fact that he’s willing to put himself out there where most people wouldn’t he gives himself and the companies he helps massive opportunities.  The story about how his wedding launched his company with his new wife as a co-founder is worth a listen.  Enjoy!

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Episode #35 – @jmoriarty


Length: 24:44
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Jeff Moriarty (@jmoriarty) is one of those guys who just appears to be involved in every major event that I attend here in the Phoenix Internet Community.  Away from being a great guy I would say that he’s leveraging his skill set of bringing people together for large events perfectly.  Be sure to check out just a few of the upcoming events that he’s a part of: Ignite Phoenix 8, Social Media Club Phoenix, PodcampAZ and others which I’m sure I’m forgetting.

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Episode #16 – @thebrandbuilder


Olivier Blanchard, @thebrandbuilder, is one of the few people who I actively read every word in his blog posts and watch every video of his.  He describes himself as a brand management specialist which allows him to help companies and their brands as each organization needs.  Olivier is one of the smartest people bringing social media and business terms together and having them lead to actual profits.  He’s involved in a number of projects, most of which we get to talk about on the this episode.
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Episode #13 – @drbret


Dr. Bret Simmons, @drbret, joins me on this episode. He’s a management professor at University of Nevada, Reno who has jumped head first into social media. Dr. Bret’s a great guy and amazing professor and the fact that he started a personal branding course at UNR because he believes in it’s importance should give you an idea of how much he believes in the value of these platforms. Be sure to reach out to him and help him achieve some of the things he’s looking to do.
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