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Episode #39 – @mimiford


Length: 17:32
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Mimi Ford (@mimiford) is someone who I look up to immensely.  It’s not every day that I get to speak with the second half of a dynamic entrepreneurial duo who loves to take part in IronMan triathlons. Mimi and I get to talking about her love of the sport, the immense amount of training that it takes and how she’s using her training time to help create content for her and her husband’s blog (  I’m happy to introduce you to Mimi! Enjoy and help wish her the best of luck in Kona!

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Episode #32 – @neeleyneal


Length: 16:19
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Neeley Neal (@neeleyneal) is someone who was mentioned to me twice in conversations in the last year.  Given that initial experience I started to follow her and watch her from afar.  Little did I know that Neeley was actually an entrepreneur who’s building something that I couldn’t be farther from her intended user but I still think the idea is brilliant.  Neeley’s is a former NFL Cheerleader and rolled that knowledge in to becoming the founder of  Sideline Star is an online community for cheerleaders and their coaches with all kinds of resources directly from professional cheerleaders.  This interview was actually Neeley’s and my first conversation on the phone so I was getting to meet her just like you all are.  Enjoy!

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Episode #31 – @KJ_CelebArtist


Length: 25:43
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Kevin-John Jobczynski (@KJ_CelebArtist) is a very talented artist who has found a way to make that talent pay his bills.  He found his way into a brilliant niche: hand-drawn artwork specifically for the players and their charities.  His work has been featured on a number of television programs and he’s worked with many different players and sports clubs.  Away from being talented, Kevin-John is simply a great guy.  I’m happy to introduce you to him. Enjoy!

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Episode #5 – @gosam

@gosam I am extremely excited about this episode simply because I think so highly of my guest, Sam Taggart (@gosam).  He’s a super-smart sports marketer who’s worked with professional sports teams and athletes as a Project Manager at VaynerMedia.  He’s originally from the east cost but came out west to get his college degree at USC but now has settled into life in New York City.

Sam’s a great guy and a dear friend so follow him and read his blog posts on Vaynermedia’s blog.  Enjoy!
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