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Episode #39 – @mimiford


Length: 17:32
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Mimi Ford (@mimiford) is someone who I look up to immensely.  It’s not every day that I get to speak with the second half of a dynamic entrepreneurial duo who loves to take part in IronMan triathlons. Mimi and I get to talking about her love of the sport, the immense amount of training that it takes and how she’s using her training time to help create content for her and her husband’s blog (  I’m happy to introduce you to Mimi! Enjoy and help wish her the best of luck in Kona!

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Episode #25 – @tyler_ford


Length: 19:15
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Tyler Ford (@tyler_ford) is one of the many people who was affected when the housing crash happened in 2007 and really took hold in 2008.  Instead of feeling like a victim in that situation he and his wife, Mimi, decided to look at it as the opportunity for them to significantly change their lives.  They decided to go in business for themselves but leveraged network marketing to help hedge some of their risk.  In a few year’s time they’ve grown a great business for themselves that allows them to pursue their other passions in their lives.  Tyler’s a great guy and someone who I look up to given all his work ethic and overall ability to make things happen. Read the rest of this entry »