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Episode #45 – Clip Show

Length: 17:49
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After 2 months without missing a beat, I had a file corrupt, a backup not record appropriately and I couldn’t find anyone to record with on short notice.  That stated, I won’t leave you guys without some new content.  I’ve decided to make a clips show of some of those interviews that I really enjoyed and give you some behind the scenes on how the show actually has done.  I hope you enjoy a look back at my interviews with @gosam, @thebrandbuilder and @drbret.  Enjoy!


Episode #43 – @butterandme


Length: 19:04
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Kelly Garcia (@butterandme) started her business of baked goods not because she had a great business plan but rather that she had too many folks asking her to make cupcakes for their get togethers.   Kelly and I talk about how she started her business and the charity event that she’s hosting next week, Cupcake Love In.  I love Kelly’s story because it’s not the entreprenuer-by-choice path that is fairly rare in the entrepreneurial community.

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Episode #37 – @davekerpen


Length: 19:21
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Dave Kerpen (@davekerpen) is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable, an agency that works with companies that works with larger brands to help make them likeable by the common consumer.  Dave’s a veteran marketer and given the fact that he’s willing to put himself out there where most people wouldn’t he gives himself and the companies he helps massive opportunities.  The story about how his wedding launched his company with his new wife as a co-founder is worth a listen.  Enjoy!

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Episode #18 – @pamslim

@pamslimPamela Slim (@pamslim) is an entrepreneur coach, blogger and award winning author. You can find her regular musings over at and I can not be thankful enough to Pam for the time and energy she has given me over the last 2+ years.  She is insanely smart and someone who I very obviously look up to as you’ll hear in this interview.  The underlying rhythm to both Pam’s book and blog of the same name is removing the fear and anxiety of starting a business and leaving a job that you’re not passionate about.  I regularly find inspiration from her posts and book.
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Episode #12 – @BabbaCo

@BabbaCo Jessica Kim (@BabbaCo) is one of those great people who if I never would have known as well as I do if I didn’t firmly believe in following up with almost everyone I meet. A chance encounter in New York City where we met in the hallway of an office building was all it took to start up one of the relationships that we’ve both really grown from. Jessica is the founder and CEO of BabbaCo a company dead set on making “Simple, fun and super cute” baby items, clothes and accessories. It’s been a joy to learn from her since we met last in June 2009 and I hope you take this opportunity to reach out to her.
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Episode #11 – @kressaty

@kressaty Jonathan Kressaty (@kressaty) is an entrepreneur who I look up to immensely.  Professionally he’s best described at this point as a serial entrepreneur but I prefer to think of him as just an all around awesome guy who works hard to make businesses simply happen.  In this interview we talk about entrepreneurship and how he never thought he would be the guy owning and operating multiple businesses and some of the key features to his latest venture Betwext Pro.  He even informs me of one of his hobbies that I never heard him speak about before.
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Episode #7 – @DanSchawbel


Today’s guest is one of the master’s of personal branding, Dan Schawbel (@DanSchawbel).  Dan is best known for his personal branding book titled Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success which is getting ready to release it’s second edition on October 5th.  Dan is the founder of both the Personal Branding blog, Personal Branding Magazine and Student Branding .  He’s an incredibly smart guy who I look up to a whole lot and I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did recording it.
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Episode #2 – @newrichproject


Today’s guest is a young entrepreneur based out of London, Ontario, Canada.  Sunny Durante is @newrichproject on twitter and is one of my new followers on Twitter while also being a new friend.  After several conversations about entrepreneurship, lifestyle design and being able to do the things we both wanted to do with our lives I knew that Sunny was a smart, passionate guy who I could help in some ways.  I believe that he has massive business potential and am happy to know him when he is just starting out.  To be completely honest I’m starting to think that once he gets done with university there isn’t anything he isn’t capable of doing when he puts 100% in to his effort.  Be sure to follow Sunny and check out his blog.
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