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Episode #30 – @suzannahscully


Length: 25:48
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Suzannah Scully (@suzannahscully) is a life and profession coach who helps people who are talented but unhappy redirect their lives so they can make the changes in their job reflect their entire personality.  Suzannah’s one of those folks who I simply clicked with and after a couple of tweets and emails between the two of us I now consider us to be friends and I’m looking forward to meeting up with her sometime soon.  Come listen to this episode and get to know her.  Enjoy!
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Episode #27 – @michelletripp


Length: 22:27
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Michelle Tripp (@michelletripp) is a brand strategist really specializing in marketing and promotion of products and services.  Her career started in radio and as you’ll no doubt hear due to her voice pushed her on to the air.  That experience really colored how she sees marketing, promotion and sales and how refreshingly different it is from most people’s perception of those areas.  Michelle and I have become fast friends over the last few weeks and that’s why I am so excited to introduce her to all the listeners of the show.  Enjoy!

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Episode #24 – @laurelkaufman


Length: 13:53
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Laurel Kaufman (@LaurelKaufman) is one of the great people who this show has so graciously drawn into my life.  Laurel is an amazingly intelligent person who has her hands on so many great projects.  The passion and execution she brings to her own company, the Los Angeles Consulting Group, or groups like Girls in Tech LA makes them significantly better.  I’m extremely honored to consider Laurel a new friend and I expect she will continue to have major successes in her life. Read the rest of this entry »


Episode #21 – @tokbox

@tokboxMicky O’Brien is one of the few people who I actively am amped up to speak with every time we talk. She extremely smart and her quick wit and awesome laugh are only topped by her business acumen. She’s currently the VP of Marketing and Business Development over at TokBox which is a company that is focusing on in-browser video conferences with anywhere from 2 to 200 people. It’s a great platform and one I’ve used at length to connect to folks all over the world. I’m excited to see where things are going for TokBox and even more excited because Micky’s involved. In this episode we dig a little into her past and how she decided to join a small San Francisco startup.
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Episode #18 – @pamslim

@pamslimPamela Slim (@pamslim) is an entrepreneur coach, blogger and award winning author. You can find her regular musings over at and I can not be thankful enough to Pam for the time and energy she has given me over the last 2+ years.  She is insanely smart and someone who I very obviously look up to as you’ll hear in this interview.  The underlying rhythm to both Pam’s book and blog of the same name is removing the fear and anxiety of starting a business and leaving a job that you’re not passionate about.  I regularly find inspiration from her posts and book.
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Episode #17 – @tambre

@tambreSamantha Leopoldi, @tambre, is a woman who I’ve only had the pleasure of interacting with a few times.  That stated, you will see during this interview much like I did the first time we hung out, she’s smart, fun and extremely interesting.  Between her interest in the internet community, the comic book community, charity and a general need to help people promote their events, products and services I can see why she is a successful social media consultant.  I also enjoy her refreshing point of view on privacy relating to social media so be sure to listen until the end of the interview to hear how she uses Twitter especially in a very private manner.
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Episode #12 – @BabbaCo

@BabbaCo Jessica Kim (@BabbaCo) is one of those great people who if I never would have known as well as I do if I didn’t firmly believe in following up with almost everyone I meet. A chance encounter in New York City where we met in the hallway of an office building was all it took to start up one of the relationships that we’ve both really grown from. Jessica is the founder and CEO of BabbaCo a company dead set on making “Simple, fun and super cute” baby items, clothes and accessories. It’s been a joy to learn from her since we met last in June 2009 and I hope you take this opportunity to reach out to her.
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