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Episode #27 – @michelletripp


Length: 22:27
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Michelle Tripp (@michelletripp) is a brand strategist really specializing in marketing and promotion of products and services.  Her career started in radio and as you’ll no doubt hear due to her voice pushed her on to the air.  That experience really colored how she sees marketing, promotion and sales and how refreshingly different it is from most people’s perception of those areas.  Michelle and I have become fast friends over the last few weeks and that’s why I am so excited to introduce her to all the listeners of the show.  Enjoy!

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Episode #26 – @michaeljbarber


Length: 18:48
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Michael Barber (@michaeljbarber) is one of those people in the Phoenix internet community who I wish I could get to see a little more regularly than I do.  He’s incredibly smart and very experienced in the digital marketing space but don’t think that his life stops when he walks away from a keyboard.  He consistently taking part in events, going to restaurants or even helping rescue a Westie or two.  Michael’s a great guy and I hope you enjoy this episode as a quick introduction to him.

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Episode #25 – @tyler_ford


Length: 19:15
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Tyler Ford (@tyler_ford) is one of the many people who was affected when the housing crash happened in 2007 and really took hold in 2008.  Instead of feeling like a victim in that situation he and his wife, Mimi, decided to look at it as the opportunity for them to significantly change their lives.  They decided to go in business for themselves but leveraged network marketing to help hedge some of their risk.  In a few year’s time they’ve grown a great business for themselves that allows them to pursue their other passions in their lives.  Tyler’s a great guy and someone who I look up to given all his work ethic and overall ability to make things happen. Read the rest of this entry »


Episode #23 – @iwearyourshirt


Length: 28:42
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Jason Sadler, @iwearyourshirt, is one of those entrepreneurs who had a simple but brilliant idea and executed on it successfully.  The simple version of his business is that he wears t-shirts for a different company each day and then creates a lot of different social media content around the brand.  Whether a YouTube video, a tweet, a flickr photo or a live stream session on uStream Jason talks up the brands that buy a day with a community of people that he cares about and they care about him as well.
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Episode #21 – @tokbox

@tokboxMicky O’Brien is one of the few people who I actively am amped up to speak with every time we talk. She extremely smart and her quick wit and awesome laugh are only topped by her business acumen. She’s currently the VP of Marketing and Business Development over at TokBox which is a company that is focusing on in-browser video conferences with anywhere from 2 to 200 people. It’s a great platform and one I’ve used at length to connect to folks all over the world. I’m excited to see where things are going for TokBox and even more excited because Micky’s involved. In this episode we dig a little into her past and how she decided to join a small San Francisco startup.
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Episode #19 – @jaybaer

@jaybaerJay Baer, @jaybaer, is known for being one of the top minds in online marketing through his blog Convince and Convert.  He’s spoken at a lot of different events teaching companies and individuals how to stop focusing on the individual tools and start focusing on a larger strategy that helps convert consumers of content into customers.  I’ve had the great pleasure of hanging out with Jay a number of times including a couple of conferences last year where we had the opportunity to get fairly close.  Jay is a very smart and experienced online marketer who I look up to immensely.

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Episode #17 – @tambre

@tambreSamantha Leopoldi, @tambre, is a woman who I’ve only had the pleasure of interacting with a few times.  That stated, you will see during this interview much like I did the first time we hung out, she’s smart, fun and extremely interesting.  Between her interest in the internet community, the comic book community, charity and a general need to help people promote their events, products and services I can see why she is a successful social media consultant.  I also enjoy her refreshing point of view on privacy relating to social media so be sure to listen until the end of the interview to hear how she uses Twitter especially in a very private manner.
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Episode #16 – @thebrandbuilder


Olivier Blanchard, @thebrandbuilder, is one of the few people who I actively read every word in his blog posts and watch every video of his.  He describes himself as a brand management specialist which allows him to help companies and their brands as each organization needs.  Olivier is one of the smartest people bringing social media and business terms together and having them lead to actual profits.  He’s involved in a number of projects, most of which we get to talk about on the this episode.
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Episode #5 – @gosam

@gosam I am extremely excited about this episode simply because I think so highly of my guest, Sam Taggart (@gosam).  He’s a super-smart sports marketer who’s worked with professional sports teams and athletes as a Project Manager at VaynerMedia.  He’s originally from the east cost but came out west to get his college degree at USC but now has settled into life in New York City.

Sam’s a great guy and a dear friend so follow him and read his blog posts on Vaynermedia’s blog.  Enjoy!
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