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Episode #44 – @krysvs


Length: 19:09
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Krystopher James VanSlyke (@krysvs) is an interesting member of the Phoenix internet community.  A seasoned musician who loves tech, he’s been known to break out playing the piano in his office to help create the right kinds of energy in the office.  He’s also not afraid to jump up on stage and beatbox his way to a win of slideshow karaoke at an Ignite Phoenix.  Krys is also a loving dad to his two daughters and an all around great guy.  Come hang out for a bit and meet Krys.

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Episode #42 – @deandresays


Length: 20:51
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DeAndre Upshaw (@deandresays) is one of those people I feel really fortunate to have met in the last month.  The guy is super smart and knows how to leverage social media platforms to draw not only attention but actually build communities that benefit a business.  Taking bits of his undergraduate degree, his experience in improv and his dynamic personality he’s been able to win job after job in the social media space.  I’m definitely looking at what he’s doing to up my game and I hope you will too.  Enjoy!

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Episode #41 – @ladyumbrella


Length: 17:06
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Rob Ryan (@laydumbrellaltd) is a part of two projects that really have caught my attention recently: Lady Umbrella, a company he cofounded to design and produce interesting printed t-shirts directly targeted toward women, and Tees in a Pod.  Tees in a Pod is a podcast about social media in general but has a spin for how a creative driven business can take advantage of these new opportunities.  Rob’s a smart guy who can execute on a plan and I enjoyed speaking with him immensely.  Come meet Rob.

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Episode #37 – @davekerpen


Length: 19:21
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Dave Kerpen (@davekerpen) is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable, an agency that works with companies that works with larger brands to help make them likeable by the common consumer.  Dave’s a veteran marketer and given the fact that he’s willing to put himself out there where most people wouldn’t he gives himself and the companies he helps massive opportunities.  The story about how his wedding launched his company with his new wife as a co-founder is worth a listen.  Enjoy!

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Episode #36 – @toekneestuck


Length: 21:55
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Tony Stuck (@toekneestuck) is a smart guy who made a choice last year to dedicate the summer after his graduation to building his personal brand.  Eventually that lead to him getting a job offer at a digital agency that is now taking advantage of his many different talents.  Tony’s a young guy with big potential and I couldn’t be happier that we’re friends.  I’m stoked to have him on the show and I hope you enjoy meeting him.
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Episode #35 – @jmoriarty


Length: 24:44
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Jeff Moriarty (@jmoriarty) is one of those guys who just appears to be involved in every major event that I attend here in the Phoenix Internet Community.  Away from being a great guy I would say that he’s leveraging his skill set of bringing people together for large events perfectly.  Be sure to check out just a few of the upcoming events that he’s a part of: Ignite Phoenix 8, Social Media Club Phoenix, PodcampAZ and others which I’m sure I’m forgetting.

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Episode #34 – @jimmyrey


Length: 15:29
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Jim Reynolds (@jimmyrey) spends his days working hard for Alterian and his nights with his family, music and data analysis.  Jim’s one of the folks I met early on in my full out social media management positions so it was great to finally catch up with him while recording today’s episode.  Please come meet and hang out with @jimmyrey for a bit.

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Episode #31 – @KJ_CelebArtist


Length: 25:43
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Kevin-John Jobczynski (@KJ_CelebArtist) is a very talented artist who has found a way to make that talent pay his bills.  He found his way into a brilliant niche: hand-drawn artwork specifically for the players and their charities.  His work has been featured on a number of television programs and he’s worked with many different players and sports clubs.  Away from being talented, Kevin-John is simply a great guy.  I’m happy to introduce you to him. Enjoy!

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Episode #29 – @davidalston


Length: 22:25
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David Alston (@davidalston) is the VP of Marketing and Community at Radian6.  But his job is not the reason why I always appreciate it when we get the chance to catch up.  David’s a smart guy who understands a lot when it comes business in general but specifically in the areas of marketing, customer relations and development and content creation he’s an expert’s expert.  He’s definitely someone I look up to and I hope you enjoy meeting him through this episode.

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Episode #28 – @dh


Length: 22:27
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David Hauser (@dh) is a serial entrepreneur.  His latest company that he has cofounded is the Grasshopper Group.  The Grasshopper Group produced a video encouraging entrepreneurialism that I promoted time and again and David took note and engaged with me directly.  As you’ll hear in this interview the Grasshopper Group and David’s core mission is to enable entrepreneurs to be successful. This is something that I am extremely passionate about as well and I am happy to introduce you to David.

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